About Fiddlesticks

What is Fiddlesticks Crafts?

Bryanna Buff, Fiddlesticks Crafts Owner
Bryanna Buff, Fiddlesticks Crafts Owner

Mom run. Mom made. Mom used.

Handmade items for everyone! Anything from custom tumbler cups, pacifier clips, T-Shirts and more! Food grade silicone used in all pacifier clips. All tumblers are sealed with FDA compliant food safe epoxy resin.

Meet Bryanna

I am a wife, mom of two and business owner. I have a passion for making other people feel good. My products are here to make someone else feel special, just the way they should. As a family, we enjoy going to Disney World and venturing out and exploring. Some hobbies I enjoy as part of self care are reading, anything having to do with Harry Potter and ice skating!

I have always felt right at home sitting around a campfire doing arts and crafts and enjoying a good ole’ s’mores! I have always been crafty and enjoyed thinking up my own creations. I originally started making some pacifier clips as a hobby for my youngest. I needed some new clips and found it easiest just to make them myself! Soon after I started venturing out and working on things that were a little more complex.

I am so excited to be using my creative mind everyday to make things that other people can enjoy as well! All my items are made with love and care as if my own family is using them!

I’m excited for you to check everything out! Happy shopping! 

Ambassadors & Reps

As an Ambassador and Rep, you are responsible to helping the shop to grow! You represent the company by purchasing and using our products as well as promoting on social media and in person. We are your go to shop for all customized keychains, t-shirts, home decor, and more! Here are a few of our current ambassadors and reps! We would love to have you. Be on the look out for a search on our VIP group via Facebook.

Mackenzie Dixon Fiddlesticks Ambassador

Mackenzie Dixon


Hi! I’m Mackenzie! Friends addict. Margarita lover. Avid Bath and Body Works collector. Repping for Fiddlesticks Crafts means we are helping support a small business. It means helping someone’s ideas and thoughts come to life while making others happy. Bryanna is always open to ideas I have for my friends and family and I have never been disappointed. Repping for Fiddlesticks has been such an exciting experience!

Emily Potter


Hey Guys! I am Emily! I work for a popular Bus company up north and really love designing myself. One reason I love Fiddlesticks is because Bryanna really takes all the time and care with her products to make sure they are not only beautiful but useful and decorative. My personal favorite items are the jack skellington straw topper, tumblers, and anything halloween! I can’t wait for my next custom product!

Amber Fazzino Fiddlesticks Ambassador

Amber Fazzino

Ambassador– Past

I am 27, married with three kiddos. I am currently a stay at home mom. I love photography, baking, being outside and crafting (mostly with my kids). I started repping for Fiddlesticks because Bryanna has amazing quality products. It all started from a new friendship and blossomed into an amazing journey. The products you get with Fiddlesticks aren’t just your typical generic, everyone has the same thing but handmade with love and individually designed for your style and taste. Bry works with her customers and reps to make you happy with your products and that’s why I love this shop. I fully support this small business.

Kimi Goddard

Summer 2020 Rep– Past

Hey Guys! I’m a 28 year old single mom to a beautiful 8 year old little girl. I work full time at Trader Joe’s and sell scentsy! I absolutely love Fiddlesticks Crafts! And I love Bryanna! It only made sense for me come and rep for her and her amazing products! I just got a new apartment and I am excited to add some of her home decor to the walls! She puts so much love into each items and that is why I love them so much!

Hannah Bukovinsky

Summer 2020 Rep– Past

Hi! I’m Hannah, I have two sweet babies and would have 10 more if I could, I’m a Marvel & DC universe lover! I love repping for Bryanna because she is so good at what she does! I love her tumblers!(I have a cup obsession) and I can’t wait to get more things so I can share all her products and pictures!

Nicole Lamoureaux Fiddlesticks Rep

Nicole Lamoureaux

Summer 2020 Rep– Past

I am a 25 year old mom of a one-year-old girl. When I’m not wrangling my toddler, I work in Social Media Marketing. In my spare time, you’ll find me reading, knitting, or watching bad reality tv. I enjoy all of Bry’s products but the custom cups are some of my favorite! I have gotten a few things for my daughter as well as some holiday shirts and love them! I’m excited to see what she comes up with next!

Arianna Kehoe Fiddlesticks Rep

Arianna Kehoe

Summer 2020 Rep– Past

My name’s Arianna! I am 26 years old. I am a momma to a beautiful baby boy! I’m working part time so I can spend the most time with my son possible. I love Disney, Harry Potter, being outside, and spending time with my family! I love repping for Fiddlesticks Crafts! Bryanna is so much fun to work with and makes amazing products! My favorite it’s the Mama Bear tumbler!